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Babye Nalang

Album: XoXo

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January 14, 2024

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SE24 is a NU Alternative rock band from Toledo City, Metro Cebu, Philippines, formed in 2019. The band had its beginnings as a Cebuano supergroup with members from iconic Cebuano bands, consisting of Mano Sunico on vocals, Lewey Beach on guitar, John Fuentes on bass guitar, and Edward Ballori Jr. on drums.

Our band, SE24 also known as Scrambled Eggs 24, has 3 albums to date with hit singles: Hilot (Kada uli), Humba, Basted, Tagay, Drugloy, Animel, Maoy, Chada, and our newest single, Babye Nalang – which we
are currently promoting.

You may listen to our recorded work at

They planned to release two albums at once for 18 songs already recorded. They are just preparing for the perfect date to launch it this year 2024

Band NEws

Sayaw Nga KInaraan

Sayaw Nga KInaraan

Sayaw nga kinaraan is the first single of the band SE24. The song is about a person who is famous and now he is behind the time.


Music Video Of “Humba”

This is our very first single. Way back our college days in USC-TC