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Bisaya music is one of the most popular and cherished forms of traditional Philippine music, especially in Cebu City. With roots in the Visayan region, it is known for its intricate and expressive melodies that are often used.

Moreover, the music reflects the unique culture and values of Filipino society. For example, it is common to hear Bisaya songs played during weddings and other important events but in addition to that, it was Max Surban and Yoyoy Villame who popularised the genre through a series of hit songs in the 1970s and 1980s.

Today, original Bisaya music is still widely popular in both the Philippines and abroad. Even during the times when it was first created, many regard it as an important part of Filipino culture that still continues to be enjoyed to this day.

Scrambled Eggs, was the first band who recorded an Album in Bisaya in 1997 after the two legendaries Max Surban and Yoyoy Villame were founded in 1980 up to present called “The Original Bisaya Music” which was originally composed in the ’80s till now until today since scramble egg is the first band to introduce this kind of music with the combination of modern glam rock alternative style. It was composed by a composer from Siargao island “Mano Sunico” who dedicated this theme song “Humba” to his bassist girlfriend.

Now, Scrambled Eggs have grown to a full OBM band, and the popular song “Hilot” was rated one of the top ten all-time most unforgettable songs by the Inquirer Philippines.


  1. Selenat

    Here’s what I can say about your music, awesome bisrock since DYRT of Ka pedro

  2. Jocelynt

    Nindota ani nga website para sa mga Banda. Hinaot mo padayon mo sa music scene nga binisaya


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