Sayaw Nga KInaraan

Feb 24, 2023 | Band News | 0 comments

Sayaw nga kinaraan is the first single of the band SE24. The song is about a person who is famous and now he is behind the time. He misses the old days when he was unknown. The song has a fast tempo and is electrically based on the EDM mode kind of music. This song will surely help the band to get more attention from the public, especially since there is no sound like the original Bisaya music away from the usual Max Surban sound except SE24.

I hope that the song will entice people to go and watch their performances. It will also help the bands to gain more fans. I have listened to the song several times and I really like it. I recommend this song to everyone who is a fan of rock music or to anyone who would like to try something new and interesting. Watch the video below!


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